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Nick Name: Siberian Tiger

DOB: 09.07.1985

Height: 6' 1" (185 cm).

Weight: 205 lbs (93 kg).

From: Russia



  • He was awarded the administration of the Kirov administrative district for fostering among young people a healthy lifestyle for active participation in the work of DSK "Game", contribution to the development of children and youth movements in 1998

  • 7-time champion of Russia in pankration

  • 2-time champion of Russia's army fighting

  • The youngest champion and sixth finalists nationwide tournament army fighting the memory of the hero of the Soviet Union Nikolai Chepik 2000 (the record is not beaten by date 2014)

  • Champion of Siberia and the Far East in the professional Thai boxing in 2002

  • European champion in kickboxing (version IKF), Greece 2001

  • World Cup winner in Thai boxing (version IMTF) 2002

  • The winner of the professional fights version WBKF 2001, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06

  • Champion of Russia in Thai boxing in 2002 (IFMA)

  • Champion of Russia in kickboxing 2003

  • Bronze medalist Russia in Thai boxing in 2003 (IFMA)

  • The winner of the professional fights on professional Kumite 2003

  • The winner of the World Cup 2004 Pancrase

  • Champion MMA fights, Germany 2004

  • Champion of Russia according to the WFC 2003 2004

  • Champion of professional fights in free fight, the Netherlands 2005

  • Absolute champion of Europe version DRAKA, Latvia 2005

  • C contracted Dutch promotional company Royl Rumbler (Team Hardcore) in 2006 under the leadership of Hank Kupers (the team were Alister Overem, Tayron Spong, Henry Zowa, Rodne Glunder, Shemetov Brothers, Ali Guniar)

  • Signed a contract with the Japanese promotion company "Team Spirit" under the direction of Nicholas Pettas, manager Watanabe Shingo, co promouter Mark Ginter (US) Full Contakt Fighter (the team were Peter Grehham, Sentoryo, Koichi, Shemetov brothers)

  • Tournament participant Russia - Spain, Shooto Belgium

  • Winner of meetings among professionals of MMA, Japan 2006 (Tokyo, Nogoya)

  • Semifinalist K-1 - France, Marseille 2008

  • Winner Prof. fighting in the Netherlands in 2008 MMA

  • Member of professional tournament Grand Prix (heavyweights) for the Cup "Ju Bone" boxing shemetov vs suleimanov 2011

  • European champion among professionals in kickboxing version RMO (Turkey) in 2011

  • Regional Grand Prix finalist po K-1 (Turkey) in 2009

  • Vice-world champion in the professional version KING OF THE RING (SHEMETOV VS BECAVEC) Croatia 2011

  • Signed a contract with the American promotion company "Team Thunder house MMA" 2011 manajer Benay Klaeer.

  • Finalist professional tournament MMA IFC IZRAIl SHEMETOV VS CECONI BRAZIL TEAM GRACIE 2012

  • World event X-1 Hawaii Shemetov vs Oyma (Japan) 2011

  • Vice-champion of Russia among professionals kickboxing full contact WAKO pro (Shemetov vs Papin) 2011

  • Super-fight version W5 Shemetov vs Mineev

  • Intercontinental Champion (cup pankratchion) 2011

  • Shemetov vs Luis Carlos Semao Banilha (Brazil)

  • SHEMBROS-organizer of professional tournament MMA k1rules CDC "Liner" in 2010

  • SHEMBROS-organizer of the charity press conference with the guest of honor Nikolai Valuev in 2011

  • SHEMBROS manager in Russia Bob Saap superfight Legend -1 Sapp vs Emelynenko

  • SHEMBROS-manager in Russia Anderson Alemao Silva titl fight OFS, WSFA 2014

  • Seminar on BJJ black belt from Alexander de Freitas Faria (Brazil) 2014

  • Seminar on BJJ and MMA from a black belt holder Anderson Alemao Silva (Brazil) 2014

  • Was trained in school coaches in combat sambo 2014


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